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China´s Passion for organic green tea

Aktualisiert: 11. März 2020

The lush green of the spring shoots in the tea gardens made you want to try the new green tea harvest.

tea pickers in China
Two leaves and a bud gives the finest quality of tea.

On the two-week organic tea trip in southern and central China we saw many impressive landscapes, learned a lot about the processing of organic tea and immersed ourselves in the fascinating millennia-old Chinese tea culture.

The well-planned expedition led three organic tea experts from Germany and their companions to the tea gardens in southern and central China, which were not visited by many foreigners. The aim of the tea trip was to visit existing suppliers of organic green tea, to see their tea gardens and the processing facilities.

tea garden, China
Tea gardens are artwork in nature.

To learn a lot about the art of green tea production and of course to try organic green tea in numerous tea tastings and to select the best treasures for customers in Germany. Of course, we also wanted to discover new suppliers, explore their tea gardens and taste the results of their processing skills.

Tea tasting, China, organic
Professional tea tasting of organic teas.

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