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India is an Organic Hotspot

Aktualisiert: 11. März 2020

2008 I visited India for the first time: I attended the trade fair India Organic, visited an organic project in Uttarakhand and gained friends. Many visits followed and I´m grateful that I was able to see so many parts of India, many organic projects and meet so many people who are dedicated to the organic movement.

A number of videos have been created - from the high Himalayas to the South: Sikkim Organic State, Nagaland, Kerala and Karnataka and several interviews and impressions I could film among others at Biofach India and the IFOAM Organic World Congress in 2017. Please watch and learn more about organic in India. 2019 I will visit Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and again Biofach at India's Capital Delhi.

Sikkim 2017: The government of the small Indian state of Sikkim in the Himalaya decided 2003 to transform Sikkim into an organic farming state. Chief Minister Sri Pawan Chamling was the driving force in his meanwhile 25 years as head of the state. He started the "Organic Mission" in 2010 to convert the entire agricultural land into certified organic land by 2015. Sikkim was declared organic state by the end of 2015 and is a lighthouse example for the organic movement today.

In the North-Eastern Indian State Nagaland an model eco-village is established and small farmers are successfully cultivating a super sweet pineapple variety organically. The marketing is still expanding and new channels like restaurants should be purchaser in future. (visit 2013)

The 8th BioFach India / India Organic (2015) took place in New Delhi. Arround 180 exhibitors met with more than 3,700 visitors from the organic industry at the three days event. Karin Heinze talked with the CEOs of leading organic enterprises as Sresta, Phalada, Amaara Foods and Cultivators Natural Products (CNP) about the market development.

Visit in Kerala 2014: Poabs Estates, India´s largest perennial crop bio-dynamic farm India is situated in the West Ghats and offers a huge diversity on plants: Coffees, teas and spices. In this interview Abraham and Joseph Jacob give an overview of their activities and an estimation on the development of the Indian domestic market.

Members of the global umbrella organisation of the organic movement IFOAM Organics International met in Delhi/ India for the Organic World Congress and the General Assembly. The new IFOAM Strategy 2017-2025 was introduced. Listen also to Vandana Shiva´s keynote.

Impressions and statements from the 19th IFOAM Organic World Congress in Delhi / India.

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